“For2Bill.com” or “PES*FOR2BILL.COM SHENZHEN” Credit cards fraud

Unauthorized withdrawal of money from credit cards

How to know if your card is used inappropriately.                                         Practice which is now used is  to drain regularly a little amount of money. I give an example with a VISA card issued by UBB.

1. Look at your online (Internet) banking and check for any transaction in CNY – Chinese yuan worth 9,96 CNY. In your currancy about 1.17 EUR; 1.61 USD; 0.95 GBP; 163.79 JPY. Look at the picture for reference, or browse for this merchant in your transactions list.



2. If you don’t have online (Internet) banking, look at your paper statement and search for the aforementioned merchant or call your bank to ask them for information.

What to do if you find that your card has been used illegally.

1. Call immediately the issuing bank and ask the card to be blocked or do it through online (Internet) banking.

2. As soon as possible submit a written application to dispute the unauthorized withdrawal of money by the card issuing bank.

3. Follow the bank procedures meanwhile stand up for your rights.

If this information was usefull, you have a similar case with another site or merchant, card issuing bank does not understand the problem, please share your experience.

One thought on ““For2Bill.com” or “PES*FOR2BILL.COM SHENZHEN” Credit cards fraud”

  1. Hi,
    I had 9.96 CNY charge on my visa from PES*FOR2BILL.COM.
    Hope this helps to new victims.
    How bad people got our personal information?
    This is the big question.
    All of us must be connected to a database of merchant which was leaked or hacked.
    I use merchants amazon, ebay, paypal, minideal, dx, wizzair, blueair and dt brown all I can remember.
    Please post you merchants.

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